Payment Schedule (Updated Jan 31, 2017)

Minimum payment is $100 USD, no matter which payment method is used. If you submitted any amount below $100 it will be added to your balance until your payout reaches the $100 threshold. Once this is done, your pay will be issued following Monday.

We have seen instances where the chat host did not receive the pay because the account info that was sent to us was not from a Bank Account but linked to a Prepaid Card account. Please note that we need a proper Bank Account to deposit funds to. If you need to update your information please do so now. [ update ]

From the moment we issue the deposit/transfer (when you get an email from Telepass)
Direct Deposits - Canada (24-48h)
Direct Deposits - USA (2-3 days)
Wire Transfers - USA/Canada (1-2 days)
Wire Transfers - Elsewhere (2-3 days)
This may vary depending on each country's bank holidays.

Direct Deposits are only available for USA and Canada
Wire Transfers are available worldwide

NOTE ; Direct Deposits typically take 24-48h to show up in your account. This means if your pay was issued Monday you sould expect it Thursday, as we often issue pay late on Mondays.

Direct Deposit
$100 to $249.99 : $5 fee will be deducted from payout. No fee for payouts over $250. [register here]
USA and Canada

Wire Transfer : $500 and + [register here]
Fees : $35USD for Wire/SWIFT transfers