How we will pay you


Payment is issued every Monday*, for previous weeks earnings.

* If Monday is a Canadian Holiday, pay is issued Tuesday.


Minimum payment requested is $100.00






USA / Canada

Direct Deposit

$5 USD/CAD if pay is under $250.  Free if over $250.

2 days


Direct Deposit or Wire Transfer

$10.00 USD

2-4 days

Other countries

Wire Transfer

$35.00 USD

2-4 days


Please make sure you send us complete and accurate payment information, as we cannot check if your account number is valid.  We send funds using the exact information you submitted to us, using the form.


Did not get your money?


Please wait until Friday before requesting information about your payment, as banks often cause additional delays which are out of our control.


If the following Monday, you still did not have your money, we will send you the wire receipt so you can show it to your bank.  If they cannot trace it, we will initiate an investigation request with our bank.  Most of the time, the cause is because we were given incorrect information by the chat host, such as incorrect account number.  If the error was caused by incorrect information you submitted, a $25USD fee will be deducted from the payment when it will be re-sent to you.  Also, this will take between 2-4 weeks as banks are slow and we need to have the funds returned to us before we re-issue your payment.  If the error was on our side, there will be no fees.


How to change your payment info.


In order to change your payment info, you need to fill the form again, completely.  We always send payments to the last information we have, at the moment we send the pay.